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ASPAMET company was established in 1992.

The enterprise is composed of two separate divisions: Foundry located in Rajsko, near Town of Oświęcim and Division of Equipment for Environment Protection settled in Mazańcowice, close to City of Bielsko-Biała. The distance between these two plants is equal to approximately 30 km. Both of our factories are located in the South of Poland, amid beautiful, scenic landscape of Beskidy Mountains.

The Foundry has a capacity to offer a wide range of high quality casts made of such materials as: cast iron, spheroid iron casts, alloy cast iron and cast steel. Our products are widely used in manufacturing of pumps, mixers, reducers and many others parts of machines and technological devices applicable in food, chemical, cement industry and many others industrial areas.

Division of Equipment for Environment Protection offers a huge range of submersible and vertical mixers of different types for diversified applications. Using casts made of grey cast iron, stainless cast steel and acid-proof cast steel we produce submersible mixers equipped with both laminate and stainless steel propellers. Our mixers are perfect for water treatment plants as well as many other applications such as agriculture or chemical, food and power industry.

Our employees are our strength, the majority of our team is composed of people with vast, over 20 years experience concerning designing and manufacturing of submersible mixers.

If you are interested in our products or need technical assistance, please contact with our sales department.