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Submersible mixers are designer for operations beneath surface, often in harsh environment, while surrounded by liquid, aggressive substances. The kind of duty conditions makes visual checking on mixer very difficult. Our mixers are equipped with extended detection and signaling systems, purposed for real time monitoring and instant detection of every malfunction. Control systems enable to undertake all necessary maintenance and repair works before any serious damage happens.


Appropriately arranged leakage sensors allow detection of even smallest quantities of liquid, pointing to the beginning of leak. Early detection enables to launch services immediately.

Standard versions of our mixers are equipped with two leakage sensors, located in motor's chamber and cable terminal box. In case of mixers with gear drive (AR type) it is possible to build-in an additional, third leakage sensor within buffer chamber.

Our electric modules are relevant part of tightness control system. The modules are purposed for installation within control cabinets. Their goal is to monitor sensors located in a mixer – if leakage is detected the appropriate signal is sent to mixer operating control system, shutting it down immediately.

Electronic module is available as complete compact design suitable for installation on standard DIN rail.


Electric motors, installed in our mixers, as standard are featured with double insulation layer of F class (temperature resistance for insulation of F class is equal to 155°C).

The system for monitoring motor's wirings temperature consists of three bimetal thermo-contacts located at each of motor phases. If the temperature limit is exceeded, thermo-contacts gets open, this signal is immediately received by electronic module. Relevant alarm is reported, mixer is shut down instantly.

Optionally, mixer can be equipped with additional temperature probe Pt100 located at one of stator's phases, purposed for reading of current value of motor's wirings temperature.

In case of special requirements there is possibility to install additional PTC sensors at each of motor phases. These sensors provide the same functionality as thermo-contacts.

Control circuits for temperature monitoring are build-in the same electronic modules as control circuits for leakage monitoring.


Full-scale control cabinet, water tightness of IP54 class. Purposed for installation on site in close distance from mixer.

Notice: in case any other control systems are required, please contact our engineer.