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Vertical mixers

Vertical mixers can be perfect alternative for submersible mixers everywhere, where due to lack of space, very aggressive medium, or particular requirements of technological process submersible application would be impossible or non cost-effective. They are perfect for many industrial branches, like chemical industry, food industry, water treatment plants, agriculture and many others.

While operating in normal working position, only a part of shaft and propeller is submersed in the substance to be mixed. Driving unit, consisting of electric motor and reducer is located above liquid’s level. In this way mixer’s life span can lengthened significantly. Vertical mixers are usually fixed to bridges, tank’s roofs or special floating platforms.

Mixer’s shaft and propeller are available in various material versions. Selection of proper size of propeller depends on technological requirements.

On basis of individual consultations it is possible to design a non-standard construction, suited for customer’s needs.



Vertical mixers are manufactured due to customer’s technical requirements, on basis of investor’s documentation or documentation made by our engineers.