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Pattern-shop - we make instrumentation for production of castings in our foundry, as well as for other manufacturers. We work out the technology and prepare models made of wood, resins, other modeling materials, aluminium and metal.

Melting plant - equipped with two induction furnaces of medium frequency, enabling to easy modificate composition of melted material, from grey cast iron to high-alloy steel. Checks of metal composition done by means of spectral analyser of newest generation of WAS A.G. company, precision control of metal class and composition certification. The plant is also equipped with modern furnace for annealing: stress-releasing, softening, normalization, toughening and tempering. All previous mentioned operations are computer-controlled by means of programmed procedures, it enables graphical presentation of heat treatment. Our castings hold quality certificates, material attests and hardiness tests.

Smeltery - the smelting is done semi-automatic by means of mixing-assailing machine or manually.

Treating plant - castings are treated manually or by means of blasting machines OWT 400 and OWD 1000.

Mechanical processing

Laboratory – carries out the following tests: