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Offering – Foundry Plant

The main bracket of Aspamet Foundry activity is job-lot and piece production of castings, formed by hand and semi-automatic in wide sort and assortment. We provide full-scale order execution, from model designing, analysis, selection of the best technology and production up to physical processing.

We offer:

Casting made of iron:

Steel castings:

Aluminium castings

Castings models. Aspamet produces castings from the following materials:

Additionally we offer instrumentation, casting models and heat treatment of castings. Castings hold quality certificates and are resistance tested.

Our foundry made castings of reducers and motoreducers, fans, sewage and slurry pumps, couplers and brakes for belt conveyors, cogwheels, pulleys, sprocket wheels, vibrators, gas filters, valves, tar mixing machines' elements, concrete mixers, ceramic mass mixers, energetic lines elements, parts for wood and metal processing machines, energetic machines and devices like feeders for power boilers, hydraulic devices like pressure welders and milling machines for pipes, mills, crushers, sieves, sorting machines, elements for mining drilling machines and all kind of parts for many other machines and devices.